Our Brand Design


Branding your mission and message are important in any organization. At Moonlight, we went through an extensive and thoughtful branding process in order to build the foundations of an institution that fosters learning and upholds strong values.

First we outlined our core mission and values. These drive our entire approach to teaching to how we would like to grow our organization. We also looked at the tones we wish to exude from our brand.

We then explored different visual cues and color pallettes. We arrived at one that reflects our brand position. The colors are inspired by the whimsical and dream-like nature of moonlight and the perception we have the moon from mythology to pop culture.

Finally, we asked ourselves what our logo should look like. Following through with inspiration from moonlight, we thought of the beautifully crafted timepieces of the old and present. Thousands of hours of practice, labor, and craftsmanship are spent to create beautiful watches with moonphases. The precision of the mechanical movements rival digital clocks. With the process of creating these watches similar to the process of practicing music, we decided to create a logo that paid homage to moonphase watches.

After engaging in this brand process, we emerged with the entire brand of Moonlight Music Academy.